Sheila Brady writes in the Ottawa Citizen about Routeburn's executive townhomes to be built at 70 & 72 Dufferin Road in New Edinburgh

"Lofty living spaces: Five-story Laura Secord building designed for dedicated urbanites"

"The Laura Secord project is the latest offering from ROUTEBURN Urban Developments, a local leader in bringing this sophisticated brand of living to Ottawa."

"...designed for clients who want unique housing."

"Some units boast 60-foot walls of windows, offering stunning views of the downtown core and Gatineau Hills...each floor will offer four separate condominium units, 10-foot ceilings and huge gridded walls of windows"

"Two of the fifth floor units will include a second floor with 600 more square feet connected by a staircase...providing spaces with 14-foot ceilings and a huge roof terrace."